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Professional Dog Training in Leatherhead

Here at Els K9 Solutions, we take pride in offering a variety of dog training services in Leatherhead and surrounding areas, providing dogs and puppies with group classes and 1:1 sessions that are suitable for a range of abilities and behaviours.

Whether you have a new puppy and wish to give them the very best start in life or you have a dog with specific training needs our professional classes and 1:1 sessions will give you the positive help you need.

As with humans, dogs and puppies may learn differently and at varying rates. Our Leatherhead dog and puppy training will take their individual needs into consideration to ensure they are learning at a pace that they are responding well to.

Virtual Video Classes

We are now holding real-time virtual dog training classes and 1:1 sessions for clients in Leatherhead and further afield. Our virtual classes and 1:1’s are a great option for dogs and puppies of all ages and are an excellent way to learn the skill you need. This can be particularly advantageous for dogs who may be a little anxious around other dogs.

Learning within their home setting can be extremely beneficial for dogs. Your home is where your dog will spend most of their time, so teaching them to behave in this setting bodes extremely well for going out and about together.

Our virtual realtime dog training is supported by our full support package including step-by-step video instructions and supporting step by step guides, a WhatsApp group to allow you to share your training and get extra help and guidance from our professional dog trainer, allowing your dog or puppy to pick these new skills up quickly.


Small Group Classes

Our group dog and puppy training classes are offered in small groups to enable you to get the best out of your dog and puppy – our professional dog trainer believes that this is the best way, offering dogs the opportunity to mix with other members without getting too distracted.

We offer our small group dog classes at beginner and intermediate levels in Leatherhead and surrounding areas, and a puppy skills class for younger dogs.

Our virtual recall course and online tricks classes are very popular giving a fun supportive and effective way to build attention and have fun with your dogs and puppies.

If you’d like to find out more about our small group dog training in Leatherhead, please feel free to contact Eleanor today.


Personalised 1:1 Dog and Puppy Training

Our 1:1 dog training in Leatherhead is a great place to start if your dog or puppy is particularly nervous around other dogs and/or people.

Whether you have a new puppy getting used to their family home, or an older dog that requires some personalised attention from our Leatherhead dog trainer, these sessions offer your dog our undivided attention, allowing us to focus on their specific needs.

One of our most popular 1:1 session is our pre-vaccination home visits for puppies in Leatherhead. This is a great option if you have never had a puppy before, or it has been a while since you last had one.


Contact Us

If you’re ready to start professional dog training in Leatherhead, please get in touch with Eleanor at Els K9 Solutions today.

Based in Dorking and Epsom, we offer our small group classes, 1:1 training and virtual lessons in Leatherhead and across surrounding areas.

To find out more, please call 07940979936 or send an email to

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