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Professional Dog Training in Beare Green

Our professional dog training services in Beare Green, Surrey and surrounding areas offer positive reward-based methods of dog training to suitable for all shapes and sizes. Whether your dog requires one on one personalised training, or your bouncy new puppy needs teaching their initial life skills, at Els K9 Solutions we tailor our dog training classes and 1:1 sessions to meet the needs of you family member.

Everyone learns differently, and it’s the same for dogs! We offer a mix of dog group classes, 1:1 sessions and home visits, so whatever stage of your dog’s life, whatever skills you wish to learn, we will be able to offer a programme that will suit your dog’s individual learning.


Small Group Classes

We understand how enjoyable it can be you and your dog or puppy to learn the important skills as part of a class, enabling your dog to pay attention around other dogs and people.  However, too often we hear that people didn’t really learn much in their training classes. 

This is why our group dog training classes near Beare Green, Surrey are for a maximum of 6 dogs, ensuring your dog gets the right level of attention they need in the class and are not overwhelmed by too many other dogs.

We support your dog’s training in ways that other trainers do not with our summary emails and step by step guides for all the skills you are learning in class. This makes a huge difference to our clients, and we’re delighted that our support helps you to fast-track your own dog training between our classes.

We hold group classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced obedience levels, as well as life skill classes for puppies and scentwork training. 

Personalised 1:1 Session

Our 1:1 dog training classes in Beare Green are ideal for dogs who may be very anxious around people and other dogs, meaning they don’t respond well to group dog classes. They are also an excellent way to train skills in the context in which they happen, such as recall and lead walking.

These personalised 1:1 dog sessions teach your dog or puppy valuable skills, such as making good choices with food on counters, settling while you watch tv as well as many other skills including lead walking and recall.

We also offer a pre-vaccination home visit as part of our range of puppy training sessions in Beare Green. This is one of our most popular puppy training sessions, which are great for new puppy owners or owners that have not had a puppy for a while. As with all of our 1:1 dog training, these home sessions are all tailored to your puppy’s needs and include our full support package.

Full Support Package

All of our dog training customers in Beare Green receive our full support package which includes: 

A summary email after each session which reminds you of the topics that we covered in the session.

Step by step guidesfor the skills you are working on, so you can practice at home with extra tips and guidance.

Video tutorials for the skills you are working on, to help you as you practice. .

Online support groupfor clients only. This is a fabulous support tool where you can meet like-minded dog trainers, get help and support as you practice as well as being able to share your progress.  

Contact Us

If you’d like to attend one of our Dorking group dog training classes or would like to know more about the services we offer, get in touch today! We’d love to have a chat, get to know you and your dog and see which class would be best for you. 

Telephone Number: 07940979936


Unsure what type of training would be best for you? Just drop us a message or give us a call and we will be delighted to advise you. We also provide dog training in Dorking and surrounding areas.

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