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Professional Dog Training in Tadworth

At Els K9 Solutions, we are proud to provide a range of dog training options to meet your needs providing bespoke puppy and dog training in our 1:1 sessions at your home as well as in our dog training classes in Tadworth and surrounding areas, suitable for a mix of abilities and behaviors.

Whether you are looking for puppy training to teach them basic life skills, or group dog classes to help your dog grow in confidence, we use positive reward-based methods, ensuring that your dog learns and remembers what they are being taught.

Our extensive support packages that is included as part of the dog training means that the learning doesn’t need to stop when the class does. You’ll be equipped with all the materials needed to practice the new skills at home, ensuring you and your dog get the most out of our dog training programmes.

We understand that each dog is an individual with their own personality. As with humans, all dogs learn differently, so we will shape our dog training classes to take your dog’s specific needs in to consideration giving you the best training experience.


Training in your own home can be extremely beneficial for your dog, as they will be learning in an environment that is comfortable for them, and most likely the space that their good behaviour will be most appreciated!

To find out more about our Tadworth dog training, drop us an email at, or give us a call on 07940 979936

Small Group Classes

We provide our small group classes in Tadworth and surrounding areas for groups of no more than 6 dogs at a time. This is the optimum number of group members, as it gives your dog the opportunity to mix with other people and dogs, without getting too distracted.

Our Tadworth group dog classes come with an informative support package which means not only can your dog practice outside of the class environment with our thorough step-by-step guides, you will have access to an online network of like-minded people where you will be able to share discussions on your dogs’ progress.

We offer our Tadworth group dog classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, as well as life skill classes for puppies.

Personalised 1:1 Session

For dogs and puppies in Tadworth we also offer 1:1 training for puppies and dogs. These sessions are fantastic for people who prefer to learn at home or out and about with training tailored to their needs. These sessions are also great for dogs who may be a little anxious in a group environment. As with all our training you will receive our full support package. 

Contact Us

At Els K9 Solutions, we pride ourselves on our personalised dog training classes in Tadworth which have been improving the behaviour and happiness of dogs for many years.

Telephone Number: 07940979936


Get in touch today to book your dog’s place on one of our classes. If you need help choosing a service that will best suit your dog’s needs, give us a call on 07940979936 or email

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