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Scentwork Training Dorking, Surrey & Surrounding Areas

Els K9 Solutions offer fantastic scentwork dog training classes & one to one private sessions with our experienced 5* scentwork dog trainer.


If you are new to scentwork training or have previous experience and wish to develop your existing skills, we have classes to suit you in Dorking and one to one sessions in surrounding areas. From beginners to advanced scentwork skills, we have training options for everyone.

Why Choose Us For Your Scentwork Training? 

Our 5* dog trainer Eleanor, based in Dorking, has a wealth of experience in different dog sports, including scentwork. She understands how to motivate various breeds, ages and abilities to bring out their confidence and love of dog sports. 

Encouraging and supporting handlers as they learn and develop in sports comes naturally to her. At Els K9 Solutions in Dorking you will find a friendly, supportive community to get support and advice as you train. 

You will be in safe hands with Eleanor, our scentwork trainer, as she has a deep understanding of scentwork, both theoretically and practically. She has successfully competed in different competitions including ScentOps, Scentwork Uk and Nosework games.

With this broad knowledge of dog training, experience and passion for scentwork, she is the perfect person to welcome you to your new sport or take your training to the next level but don’t just take our word for it…..

What Our Clients Say About Us

Eleanor is a highly knowledgeable and skilled scentwork trainer who works with small classes or on a one-to-one basis.   

Eleanor creates a wonderful learning environment for dogs and humans alike.   The sessions are always relaxed and enjoyable, and the training is always positive. 

The face-to-face sessions are backed up with an email summary of things we’ve covered and skills to practise.  We can post up videos of what we’re doing in between sessions, and Eleanor gives us feedback so we can learn together as a team.

We have lovely groups, which are so supportive and every dog’s journey and achievement is celebrated by the whole group. 

Eleanor is very skilled at working to foster motivation and confidence to search, and her in depth knowledge of canine psychology underpins her training. 

We took time to build the foundation skills for Ben, to foster motivation and confidence for searching, and that has really paid off.  He’s now searching for odour (clove), incredibly motivated, showing considerable talent, and I hope to be competing with him in trials soon.  

I can’t recommend Eleanor more highly – and it’s such a lovely supportive community too.  

Dr Jenny Lynden

Scentwork Training Group Classes

 Our group class sessions in Dorking are a super fun way to learn scentwork and are suitable for any age or ability of dog. Each class has a maximum of 4 dogs where you will be able to have fun with lots of time to search with your dog. Classes are held in Dorking in a lovely big hall with lots of room to search. The skills which we will cover in these classes include: 

  • Teaching your dog to love searching – building motivation
  • Learning how to use their nose to find the source of the odour
  • Teaching an indication – how to tell you they found their odour
  • Imprinting odours – your dog learns to find new scents
  • Building confidence searching in different situations
  • Handing skills – you and your dog working as a team
  • Preparing for competitions if you wish to take scentwork further
  • Enjoying being part of a class learning from each other
  • A support group to get help and share progress

1:1 Scentwork Training Sessions

Our one-to-one training in Dorking and surrounding areas is a great option for those who may prefer learning individually or for dogs who may not be ready for a class environment. You will train with our 5* trainer where we will train at a location of your choosing including your home or local area. Sessions are suitable for dogs and puppies of any age and at any training level, where we will teach and develop skills at your dog’s own pace. We will cover skills such as:

  • Building your dog’s desire and motivation to search
  • Practice using their nose to find items or odours
  • Teaching an indication so you know your dog has found the odour
  • Imprinting new odours for your dog to find
  • Building confidence searching in different places
  • Learning handling skills so you and your dog work as a team
  • Preparing and practising for competitions
  • Troubleshooting

What is involved in Scentwork training? 

Scentwork training is an incredibly engaging, rewarding and fun activity that can be enjoyed by both our dogs, who love to use their noses, and us as we watch them searching and growing in confidence. 

Scentwork involves introducing a dog or puppy to a an odour, initially something they love, and teaching them to enjoy searching to find that scent. As the dog grows in confidence we begin to add in additional odours, which you would like them to find.

The goal of scentwork training is to hone the dog’s natural scenting ability by teaching them to accurately find, identify and tell us where their target odour is located. 

Scentwork training is not only enjoyable for dogs, but it offers them a great way to stay active and mentally stimulated. It also gives owners an opportunity to bond with their canine companions and strengthen the relationship between dog and owner.

In our group classes in Dorking and one-to-one training sessions in Surrey and surrounding areas, we will teach you scentwork skills at your dog’s own pace. We will support you at each step of your dog’s learning journey. For those who enjoy competitions, all the skills we teach you will enable you to go forward into competitions of your choice.


Why is Scentwork so beneficial? 

Scentwork training is an incredibly enjoyable activity for both dogs and their owners. It provides an exciting and stimulating way to have fun with your dog or puppy and can help to strengthen the relationship between you both.

Scentwork is an amazing way to add mental enrichment and physical exercise to your dog’s day. Dog’s scenting ability is phenomenal as they see the world in such detail through their noses, which really engages their brain.  This is really enjoyable for our dogs as they get to put their amazing nose to good use finding different odours.

Scentwork training is a great way to teach your dog to use their nose in a positive way. It is a really fun, interactive activity that you can do together in training classes, workshops or 1:1 sessions at home. What is super about this sport is that it’s easy to have fun with on your own between training sessions. 


Contact Us:

If you would like to find out more about scentwork or starting scentwork training with us please do contact our 5* scentwork dog trainer, Eleanor in Dorking. She will be happy to chat with you as we love to chat all things scentwork

Call Eleanor on: 07940979936


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