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Mental Enrichment Tricks Class

Live class sessions weekly at 7pm

Looking for something fun to do with your dog or puppy which will build attention and focus on you, give them mental enrichment as well as having lots of fun in the process then you will love this dog and puppy class.

These classes have been a huge success with dogs and puppies alike, working to teach them new tricks that you and they can be proud of. 

Teaching tricks is not only fun but also an amazing way to build your dog’s focus and attention, as well as creating a really strong bond between you and your dog. 


What Tricks Will You Learn?

Our dogs and puppies love to learn these tricks classes which help to keep them mentally stimulated and happy. Tricks are so much more than gimics as they really do help with other skills, such as recall, which require your dog to want to interact with you. Whether you are hoping to develop your dog’s happiness, or you are simply looking for a way to take your dog training to the next level, our tricks class is a great option.

This 9-week course will enable you to teach your dog or puppy these tricks:

– Shake paw, Hi 5 & Ring the bell
– Spin & twist where they go around on the spot
– Go round an object and around you
– Leg weave where they weave in and out of your legs as you walk
– Sit pretty (or beg) & Stand Tall stand upright on their hind legs
– Bow
– Jump through your arms
– Play dead & Rollover
– Pivot on a stool where they put their front feet on the stool and move their back legs around it
– Walk on your feet where your dog is between your legs and has their paws on your feet and you walk together

See below for videos of the tricks we cover


Dog Tricks Class Format

On this course you will have fun learning 1 or 2 tricks a week, depending on the complexity of the tricks. The course comprises of:

  • A Step by step video will be emailed out each week on a Saturday so that you can have fun practicing with your dog or puppy at home.
  • Live group sessions every week  where you will be able to share your progress and get individual help with any of the tricks we have covered, enabling you to really perfect those tricks. 
  • Our Whatsapp course group will also support you throughout enabling you to share progress and get help and feedback as you practice. 

As with all of my Dorking and Epsom dog training classes, help is available throughout this course, including support once the course is finished so that you and your K9 friend can truly master all the tricks.


Common Questions 

I don’t live locally is this a problem? Wherever you are in the world, you can access my online tricks course.


Is my dog too old or my puppy too young? This course is suitable for all ages and abilities. We have had puppies from 11 weeks confidently complete the course.

Away for a week? No problem! The course is designed to be learned at your own pace. Videos are available to you at any point even after the 12 weeks is completed.


Online Tricks Class – Checkout some of our super students!

We have already seen many of our dogs master some impressive tricks as a result of our online classes – check some of them out below!

– Austin – Play dead

– Hazel – Walking on Feet

– Moka & Oggie – Sit Pretty and Play Dead

– Reggie – Ring the Bell

– Leon – Ring the bell

– Leon – Walking on feet

– Hudson & Bella – Spin and twist

– Millie – Go round

– Leelou – Leg weave

– Leelou – Jump through arms

Book Your Place Today

To enrol your dog or puppy onto our exciting online dog tricks course, or to find out more about my dog training in Dorking and Epsom, please get in touch today using the details below.

Telephone Number: 07940979936


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