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Professional Dog Training in Horsham

As professional dog trainers in Horsham and Surrey, we offer a full range of training classes for dogs of all ages and abilities. Our positive reward-base methods in both our dog training classes and our 1:1 sessions teamed with our extensive aftercare package will ensure that both you and your dog feel confident and learn fast.

We believe that like people, every dog learns differently. That is why we offer a range of dog classes, both face to face and virtually, so you can choose one that will best suit your dog. If you would like to enjoy more bespoke training, we offer one to one personalised training at your home, either in person or virtually via live face to face video training to give your puppy or dog the very best training. At Els K9 Solutions we tailor our dog training classes and our individual sessions to suit all dog personalities.

If you are interested in attending one of our dog classes in Dorking or our one to one dog training in Horsham, please get in touch to find out more.

Small Group Classes

It is very important that dogs are able to socialise with other dogs, but if your dog is easily distracted, larger group classes from other trainers may not work. Our small group dog training classes near Horsham have a 6-dog capacity, meaning there is plenty of opportunity for the dogs to interact, without getting too overwhelmed.

At Els K9 Solutions, we support your dog’s training even when the class is over. We distribute summary emails and step by step guides for all the skills you are learning in class, making a huge difference to your dogs’ learning.

We hold group dog classes for beginner and intermediate levels, as well as life skill classes for puppies.

Personalised 1:1 Session

If your dog is too anxious to attend a group class, either too nervous around people or other dogs, we also offer 1:1 training to help build their confidence.

Our dog training sessions are also an excellent way to introduce your new puppy to the life skills that will help them grow into a well-behaved dog.

These personalised puppy training sessions can teach your puppy valuable skills such as learning to not playbite, toilet training and practice coming back when called, amongst other useful manners.
We also offer a pre-vaccination home visit as part of our range of puppy training sessions in Horsham. This is a great option if you have never had a puppy before, or haven’t had one in a while, and could use a refresher – as with all our dog training, we tailor these classes to suit your puppy and their needs.

Full Support Package

All of our dog training customers in Horsham receive our full support package which includes:

A summary email after each session which reminds you of the topics that we covered in the session.

Step by step guides for the skills you are working on, so you can practice at home with extra tips and guidance.

Online support group for clients only. This is a fabulous support tool where you can meet like-minded dog owners, get help and support as you practice as well as being able to share your progress.

Contact Us

If you’d like to attend one of our Dorking group dog training classes or would like to know more about the services in Horsham we offer, get in touch today! We’d love to have a chat, get to know you and your dog and see which class would be best for you. 

Telephone Number: 07940979936


If you are ready to start your dog’s training journey, get in touch today and we will be delighted to advise you on which classes will best suit your dog’s needs. Give us a call on 07940979936 or email

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