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Choosing the right dog trainer is so important as not all dog training techniques are the same. Being able to have a chat will help you to see if the trainer is a good fit for you and your dog or puppy. 

Eleanor, out 5* trainer, is here to answer your questions and to discuss your puppy or dog training needs. Whether you would like help with an existing problem, learn new skills, provide your dog with mental enrichment or just to have fun as a family we have options we would love to discuss with you.


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Why Choose Els K9 Solutions?

We aim to allow your dog to take the most away from their dog training sessions. Our positive reinforcement-based training methods will help your dog or puppy learn skills effectively, allowing you to progress through the stages of dog training quickly.

Our friendly team will take you and your dog’s specific needs into consideration, often shaping your dog training to suit your requirements.

We also provide a comprehensive support package, allowing the training to continue when you leave the class. Practice makes perfect, and not only will you be able to access step by step guides covering what has been taught in the dog classes, you will be connected with a like-minded community where you will be able to interact with dog owners, sharing your tips and progress.

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If you believe your puppy is ready to learn their basic life skills, allowing them to grow into a happy, healthy, polite young dog, get in touch to find out more about our beginner dog training classes.

We provide a range of dog classes in Dorking, Surrey and surrounding areas.

Get in touch with Eleanor today by calling 07940979936.

Or drop us an email to to book your place or ask any questions you may have.

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