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What Makes Us Different to Other Dog Trainers

Our philosophy is to use highly effective reinforcement based training methods and to support you after your session or class to enable you to make the fastest progress possible in the least number of sessions.

Our clients tell us that they see a ‘huge difference after just the first session’, the step by step guides and summary email help them to feel ‘confident as they practice’ and they feel ‘supported after their session’ as we are ‘always on hand to give guidance and answer questions’ 

Our unique package is what makes us more effective, fun and better value for money than our competitors. We not only deliver 5* training during classes and sessions but we also help you once you go to practice at home. This amazing additional support means you will need less sessions and make faster progress. You will also enjoy your training with your dog more using our fun positive reward-based methods which will enable you to build a wonderful bond with your dog. You will also feel less isolated and more supported as part of our online community as you can share your progress with other friendly like-minded dog and puppy owners.

Our methods are different from most dog trainers as we use the concept of choice rather than simply luring or bribing your dog to do the right thing. This training is so powerful as with practice your dog will learn to offer the correct behaviour even when a reward is not visible. Our training is based on fun and simple techniques as we know this is the best way to get results fast. We use strategic activities and what your dog loves to build your dog’s understanding and desire to do what you would like them to.

Our experience and expertise enable us to have many different approaches so that we can find the method which will work best for you, rather than giving generic advice. We have developed different techniques to teach each skill so that we can select what will work best for you and your dog and if one method isn’t effective we are able to adapt to meet your needs.

Our Highly Effective and Fun Training

At Els K9 Solutions We Pride Ourselves on Being the Most Friendly, Supportive and Effective Trainers

Friendly and supportive team

First class training to meet your individual needs

Highly Effective positive reinforcement choice based methods 

Fun enjoyable activities you and your dog can enjoy together

We never judge but instead meet your needs from your starting place

Available at times which suit you

Our Comprehensive Support Package

When training your puppy or dog you learn skills in your session which you then practice with your dog or puppy afterwards. This can be a daunting prospect as you are trying to implement new skills.

What makes training with us different is that we support you every step of the way helping you to feel confident and enjoy your training while helping you make excellent progress in a short time. 

All of our clients receive our full support package which includes: 

  • A summary email after each session which reminds you of the things we covered in the session
  • Step by step guides on the skills you are working on so that you know exactly what to do as you practice with tips for added guidance
  • Online support group for clients only which is a fabulous support tool where you can meet like minded people, get help and support as you practice as well as being able to share your progress.               

Our customers tell us how helpful these service are as they learn faster and feel more supported as part of a community                           

We are always happy to help anytime so please do contact Eleanor for information or advice

Telephone Number: 07940979936


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