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Separation Anxiety Dog Training Nationwide

Eleanor Hogan BSc (Hons) Cert. SAPT is a fully qualified and experienced separation anxiety specialist, trained and mentored in the amazing world renown SA Pro program.   

We use simple tried and tested methods that have worked for thousands of dogs just like yours!

We gradually expose your dog to being alone, at a level they can cope with, so that your dog learns that being alone is safe and they have nothing to fear.

Our role is to show you how to do this with your dog and support you as you practice. 

Would you like to get your life back?

We know you love your dog but we also know that before you got them you imagined being able to go out and simply leave them at home. 

Seeing your dog being distressed when you are out is heart breaking but there is a way to change this.


Imagine a time when you can go out and

Have Fun Going Out With Friends

Your dog relaxes at home and you don’t worry 

Neighbours Don’t Complain

No more anxiety about when you return


No More Destruction

No more repairs or replacing chewed items


No More Sitters Dog Needed

You don’t have to pay dog sitters for short trips out 


Think this is impossible?

Take a look at what our previous clients have to say

‘We were at the end of our tether with our cockapoo when we contacted Eleanor. We couldn’t go out without him getting really upset and we felt isolated and didn’t know what to do.

Eleanor was amazing from the beginning and she really understood what we were going through. Her methods were simple and she supported us every day as we practiced. It took time and patience but we can now go out and leave him which we never thought possible. Thank you so much Eleanor!’

Tasha M

How do we help you get your freedom back?

Eleanor will support you from beginning to end as you learn how to build your dog’s confidence when you leave your home.

Using simple plans we will gradually teach your dog that you leaving is nothing to be scared of. She will help you to become an expert in separation training with your dog so you can practice with confidence.

Our training package will be tailored to your specific needs and will include:


Free consultation to chat about your dog and for you to ask questions about the training

Initial evaluation of your dog to create our starting point for training

Training plans created specifically for your dog as often as you would like to train

Whatsapp support each day to help you feel confident and maximize your training

Video reviews of your training sessions to give you confidence and keep your training on track

Face to face sessions with Eleanor to support you and maximize your training

Training app to support your training and for you to track your progress

Frequently Asked Questions

Separation anxiety is a fear of being alone and can manifest in behaviours which only happen when you are not at home or are more intense when you leave.  

 These can include barking, howling, destruction of the home, toileting accidents and trying to escape.

If you are not sure if your dog has separation anxiety give us a call on 07940979936 and we can discuss this with you. 

Yes our method of gradual desensitization works for any age, breed or sex of dog, no matter how long your dog has had separation anxiety.

We work at your own dog’s pace customizing the plans specifically for your dog. This way your dog learns that you leaving the home is safe and nothing to be scared of.

Whilst we cannot guarantee success, if you commit to the training with us you will see the results and begin to gain your freedom back.  

No you did not cause your dog’s separation anxiety.

Some dogs are more sensitive to being alone than others and so become fearful of their care givers leaving the house. Contrary to what you might have heard spending lots of time with your dog, cuddling your dog or having them sleep in your room are not contributing factors. 

No, getting a second dog usually does not help the dog with separation anxiety. Their fears often continue even with the addition of a new dog. 

Only get a second dog because it is the right thing for your family and for your current dog. 

It can be really frustrating when you have tried training and it didn’t resolve the issue.

Our training plans are different to ones you may have tried before and have worked for thousands of dogs. 

Our qualified and experienced trainer, Eleanor Hogan Cert. SAPT, will formulate specific plans for your dog and teach you how to practice these so that your dog learns begin home alone is ok.

Your dog will need to learn through practice that you leaving the house is nothing to be afraid of. Each dog is different but this is not a quick fix as you may have guessed.

The way training works with Eleanor is that she teaches you how to do the training so that you become your own dog’s expert. You will initially work closely with her as you learn the techniques and then you will be able to continue on your own getting support in our separation group. She of course is always on hand if you need help or advice as you practice. 

This is a common worry but rest assured our clients have not found this to be the case.

The training is really simple and doesn’t take long. You can even do this in your coffee breaks! We don’t ask you to practice everyday so you can fit this in around your current commitments.

Separation anxiety training is one of the few skills where it is very difficult to train in person.

Our presence in your home will totally change the dynamic because your dog will be excited (or possibly anxious if they are not confident with strangers) and so your dog will not be relaxed and ready to train.

Although I love to meet dogs in person, it is much more effective to train with you live via zoom so that your dog is the most relaxed and ready to start the departure training.   

No, Eleanor will teach you how to do the training in your initial package so that you will be confident and an expert in your dog’s training. You will then be able to train confidently on your own with minimal support from us whilst knowing you can ask for advice anytime you need.  

We are here to help so just drop us a message or give us a call and we will be delighted to advise you.

Telephone Number: 07940979936


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