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Dog Training Class for Everyday Life, Dorking, Surrey

Els K9 Solutions in Dorking, Surrey offer the very best dog training classes with our experienced 5* dog trainer.


Our comprehensive dog training course in Dorking, Surrey is an amazing class which helps you build the the everyday skills that matter to you.

We all know how annoying it can be when your dog doesn’t listen or tries to assist you with things you would rather they didn’t.

This course helps you teach your dog to be that well behaved, happy end enjoyable family member.  

Why Choose Us For Your Dog Training? 

Our experienced 5* dog trainer, based in Dorking, Surrey, uses science based fun and effective techniques to teach your dog what you would like them to do.

We don’t bribe or punish our dogs but instead teach them to earn the reward they really want.

Every dog is different and it is so important that a dog trainer has many different way to teach skills so that they can adapt for your individual dog. 

All our dog training classes are unique with a maximum of 4 dogs.

We always strive to offer you the very best training experience so that you see amazing results with you dog. 

Max 4 Dogs

More individual help

Less distractions

Better progress

Video Tutorials

Available as soon as you join

Covers all key skills

Prevents problems later on

Inclusive Class

Suitable for most dogs

Lessons adapted for your dog

Non-judgemental training 

Large Indoor Hall

Warm & dry

Safe for dogs

Space to practice  

Fully Supported

Dedicated group

Help & advice

Weekly class summaries

Positive Methods

Kind & effective methods

No use of punishment

Fun for the whole family

Don’t just take our word for it!

See what our previous dog training class clients in Surrey have said about our course

‘We joined this group class for our 6 month Sprocker Spaniel and were seriously impressed with the level of training and support inside the classes as well as outside the classes.

She keeps the groups small so that you and your dog can get the most out of the sessions.

Eleanor follows up each lesson with information of what has been covered and things to practice. The difference we saw from the first week to week 7 was incredible!

I have grown much more confident in myself with training our energetic puppy and that is all thanks to Eleanor’s kind and supportive nature.

We would highly recommend Eleanor and are definitely going to be joining more of her sessions. Well paced, time for questions and trouble shooting, clearly laid out agenda.’

Rebecca & Riley

Our dog training class in Dorking, Surrey is designed specifically for dogs to learn the key skills needed to fit in with our daily routines and be a happy family member.

The course is taught by our highly experienced 5* trainer who will welcome you and support you and your dog as you develop your skills.

This 7 week course covers key skills each week building solid foundations and developing the next stage of training as your dog’s own pace.

Our dog training course is unique and delivers the very best experience for you and your dog both in our in person classes in Dorking, Surrey and at home with our virtual training and video tutorials.    

Dog Training Skills We Cover

We develop all they key skills you and your dog needs to live harmoniously together.

All skills will be taught at your dog’s own pace and include:

  • Paying attention to you around dogs & people
  • Coming back when called around distractions
  • Loose lead walking around distractions & temptations
  • Not stealing food & leave it
  • Wait & Stay around distractions
  • Learning to settle
  • Meet & Greet & not jumping up
  • Waiting nicely at doors
  • Drop & Give
  • Settle on bed when you want them to not be ‘helping’ you during
    • Mealtimes, doing the washing, when cooking, visitors arriving

What Our Dog Training Course Includes

This is a specially designed 7 week course to give you and your dog the most useful skills to use in your everyday life. 

Our unique course includes:

  • In person classes in Dorking, Surrey held in a large hall
  • Max 4 dogs to to give you all the help & learning you need
  • Initial Zoom session to help you learn how to understand your dog better & troubleshoot any issues you are having
  • Dedicated group with video lessons and handouts 
  • Support group to meet & chat with other dog owners
  • Weekly email summaries after class
  • Step by step guides & and videos of skills you learn
  • Whatsapp help from our 5* trainer
  • Fun & effective training methods
  • All the family welcome 

Why Choose Us For Your Dog Training? 

The dog training class for everyday life has a maximum of 4 dogs to really accelerate your training providing an enjoyable experience too.

Having provided a range of dog training classes in Dorking, Surrey and surrounding areas for many years, we believe that this is the optimum class size to ensure that all of our dogs receive the level of attention needed to learn their new skills whilst adding distractions to your dog’s training to reflect real life.

As with all our training you will receive our full support package to help you feel supported and make the most of your training with us.

Our classes are suitable for all breeds and ages as we adapt all the skills for each individual dog. 

Learning in a group can really build confidence and help your dog to learn how to do the skills in the real world where distractions such as other dogs and people can be challenging. 

1:1 Dog Training Services


Our 5* dog trainer also offers 1:1 services for you and your dog to support you with anything that you are finding challenging or new things you wish to learn.

Whether you would like help with a specific issue, support out and about in your local area or just prefer learning in a 1:1 setting we have options for you.  

Are You Ready To Give Your Dog The Very Best Training? 

Our dog training skills for everyday life class will give you all the tools you need.

Using the very best science based techniques in a fun and effective program. 

Key Everyday Skills

  • Lead walking with distractions
  • Recall around distractions
  • Not stealing food & leave it
  • Settle & Wait & Stay 
  • Not jumping & drop/give
  • Waiting nicely at doors

Additional Skills

  • Motivating your dog
  • Teach your dog to earn the reward
  • How to help with over-arousal/excitement
  • Managing adolescence & adulthood
  • Adjusting skills to suit you & your dog

Large Indoor Hall

  • Space to practice
  • Develop skills with controlled distractions 
  • Warm & Dry
  • Safe & secure
  • Suitable for dogs who struggle in class

Max 4 Dogs

  • More individual help
  • Less over arousing for dogs
  • More time to practice
  • Time to ask questions
  • Class is more effective for you

5* Training

  • Experienced trainer
  • Science based methods
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Fun & effective
  • Family training

Fully Supported

  • Support group
  • Video tutorials
  • Class summaries
  • Step by step guides
  • Non-judgmental

What Does This Amazing Comprehensive Course Cost?

Our comprehensive dog training class is only £165 for the full 7 week course including all the benefits

Take that first step into the next stage of your dog’s training and book your place today with just a deposit  


Where and When Are The Classes Held?

Classes are held in Wescott Village Hall, Dorking 

Regular classes on Tuesday & Sunday evenings


Contact Us:

If you would like to find out more about about our dog training class for everyday life or other dog training services do get in touch with our 5* dog trainer, Eleanor in Dorking, Surrey,who would love to hear from you.

Call Eleanor on: 07940979936


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