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Who Are We & Why Do We Do What We Do?

As well as excellent training methods the key to getting the right training is the trainer. Having a passion for dogs as well as caring for each family individually is so important. We will never judge and always work to support you every step of the way to achieve your aims. 

Who Are We?

Meet the Trainer

Eleanor Hogan BSc is the founder of Els K9 solutions whose aim is to help people to achieve the same strong relationship she has with her dogs.

She is an experienced trainer who is passionate about using only positive reinforcement based training to to help others to reach their goals.

She enjoys a variety of activities with her dogs and competes in competitive obedience and Scentwork competitions. She has successfully competed in obedience at Crufts and is now focusing on developing her scentwork skills in Scentwork Uk, ScentOps and Nosework Games competitons.

Eleanor says ‘I am so lucky to do what I am so passionate about and to be able to help families to enjoy life with their dogs more. It is amazing to see progress even after the first session and to be able to support my clients as they practice at home. What is the truly special part is to see clients building a strong relationship with their dogs build on confidence, trust and understanding.’

Why We Do What We Do


We feel passionately that training should be fun and enjoyable for both owner and dog. 

Eleanor says ‘I am shocked by how many trainers still use force to achieve the behaviour they want from their dogs. Many trainers are advertising quick fix methods which punish the dogs in order to eliminate behaviours they don’t want. This simply hides the problem behaviours rather than teaching them what we would like them to do. In doing this you are teaching your dog to be afraid of you rather than building that trust and understanding with your dog.

I have such a close relationship with my dogs, which is underpinned by the type of training I do with them. My aim is to use my knowledge and expertise to help other people have similar relationships with their dogs using positive reinforcement based training.’   

We are always happy to help anytime so please do contact Eleanor for information or advice

Telephone Number: 07940979936


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