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Professional Dog Training in Banstead

If you’re looking for 5* positive, reward-based dog training for your dog or puppy we have training to suit your needs in either our group classes or our 1:1 sessions.

Whether your excitable puppy needs to master their life skills, your dog needs help to perfect their skills or you have a dog that struggles with confidence, our 5* dog trainer offers a variety of dog training classes and 1:1 sessions for clients near Banstead.

As with humans, each dog learns slightly differently and at various rates. Our Banstead dog classes can cater for all shapes, sizes and abilities – whatever skills your dog or puppy may be finding challenging, at whatever stage in their life, we can help.


Virtual Online Dog Training

Our virtual dog training classes are available to our clients in Banstead and much further afield. If your dog struggles with anxiety or isn’t used to other dogs, our video dog training could be extremely beneficial.

We can help you train your dog in the setting and context they are most used to so that you can learn the skills more easily. Our 5* dog trainer will help you step by step in real time via video so that you can learn each skill confidently. We will also send step-by-step guides and videos so you can clearly see how to work through each skill after your session.

As your practice and improve, you can send progress videos to our Banstead dog trainer who will provide feedback, allowing your dog or puppy to learn quickly.


Small Group Dog Classes

We offer super fun and effective small group classes in Banstead for all levels of training from puppies to adult dogs. We cover all the key skills your dog or puppy needs in a fun and supportive class.

Our Banstead dog classes are provided in groups no larger than 6 – this is to ensure they don’t have too many distractions and are able to learn to their full potential during the class.

We provide our dog training classes at beginner and intermediate levels, as well as puppy skills classes and skill based workshops.

To find out more about our Banstead dog classes, get in touch with Eleanor today.


1:1 Personalized Dog and Puppy Training

For people who prefer to learn in a 1:1 setting or if you have specific skills you would like to work on in the situation they occur we offer excellent 1:1 training for your dog or puppy.

Our 1:1 sessions are excellent for new puppies before their vaccinations are complete or for dogs who are too anxious to attend dog classes as well as for recall training or lead walking skills.

We also provide a before you get your puppy virtual session and pre-vaccination home visits for puppies in Banstead which is a popular choice for owners who have not had a puppy in the house before, or not for a long time. These home visits are of course tailored to your puppy’s needs with our full support package to help you after your session.


Contact Us

To book a place on one of our Banstead dog training classes, or to organise a personalised 1:1 session, please get in touch with Eleanor at Els K9 Solutions today by email or call 07940979936.

Please call on 07940979936 or send an email to to find out more.

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