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Intermediate – Dog Training Classes

Our intermediate dog classes are perfect for dogs that have completed our puppy training and beginner classes (or equivalent) and you want to move them onto the next stage. During this class we will build on the basic skills acquired in previous classes and practice them in more challenging situations, training your dog into a well-behaved, polite member of the family.

As with our other group dog classes, training will take place in groups of no more than 6 dogs, allowing your dog to interact with other people and their dogs, and get the most out of the training.

We also provide out intermediate dog training classes on a 1:1 basis. If your dog has a specific skill you would like to learn or is anxious in a group situation then these sessions will be able to help.

To find out more about our intermediate dog training classes in Dorking and Epsom, please get in touch with Els K9 Solutions today on 07940979936 or send us an email to

Further Development

Now that your dog has mastered the basics, why stop there? Developing their skills with our intermediate dog training classes will improve their behaviour, and prepare them for a whole host of real-life situations. We will develop the essential basics, by practicing them in more distracting situations, testing your dog’s responsiveness.

Being able to rely on your dog to behave and response well in new situations will also increase your confidence, allowing you to truly enjoy your life together as dog and owner.

Our intermediate dog training classes will cover the following skills:

  • Come back when called around distractions 
  • Paying attention around dogs and people
  • Wait & Stay with distractions
  • Meet & Greet in more challenging situations
  • Lead Walking with distractions
  • Settle with distractions
  • Send to bed 
  • Developing good choices with:
    • Not stealing food
    • Not stealing objects
    • Not jumping up
    • Waiting at doors

We hold all of our group dog training in groups of 6 dogs. Having provided a range of dog training classes in Dorking, Epsom and surrounding areas for many years, we believe that this is the optimum class size to ensure that all of our dogs receive the level of attention needed to learn their new skills.

It’s a great way for your dog to interact with other people that they are not used to and other dogs too, which will benefit their development, and get them used to real life exchanges they’ll have outside the class.

Why Choose Els K9 Solutions?

Here at Els K9 Solutions, we provide positive reward-based dog training, which we believe is the best method for teaching your dog new skills that they will remember, and acquire quickly, allowing them to progress quickly through the class.

Our friendly dog trainers will take any specific requirement or needs that your dog has into consideration when providing our intermediate dog classes, allowing us to focus on certain areas they might be struggling with.

We pride ourselves in our comprehensive support package, which is provided alongside all of our dog training programmes. These include step by step guides of the skills learned during the class, allowing you and your dog to practice them at home, getting them used to performing these new skills in their most comfortable environment.  

We also have an online network where you will be connected with a like-minded community where you will be able to interact with other dog owners, sharing your tips and progress.

Get in Touch

If your dog is ready to develop their basic training, refine their skills and learn some new ones along the way, get in touch to book your place on one of our intermediate dog training classes.

We provide a range of dog classes in Dorking, Epsom, but also operate in Reigate, Cobham and surrounding areas. Contact Eleanor today by calling 07940979936, or drop an email to to find out more, and ask any questions you may have.

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