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Dog Training Dorking, Surrey & Surrounding Areas

Els K9 Solutions offers a range of services to suit all needs, as we understand that everyone learns differently, and so tailor our training accordingly.

All our services include our full support package to ensure you are supported and progress super fast.

Why Choose Our Training

Our highly experienced 5* trainer has a deep understanding of how dogs learn and also what underpins our dog’s behaviour and so can guide you as you develop your dog’s training with expertise.

We know how important your dog is to you and so have designed all our training options to give you the very best learning experience to get the results you wish for.

Our classes are limited to 4 dogs to enable you to really benefit from the class experience and our 1:1 training is tailored to you and your dog. 


Eleanor truly deserves the 5* rating, in fact she deserves a 6* rating!

I have attended puppy, tricks, agility and scentwork training with my dogs and Eleanor has successfully delivered these both in person and online.

Eleanor has a fantastic empathy with dogs and an amazing ability to help owners understand how to get the best out of their dogs.

Her support is not just in the class itself, she encourages you to send in videos of training between classes so that she can give help if needed to help you progress.

I would highly recommend Eleanor to anyone looking to get training for their dog.

Jane, Bonzo & Merlin


Personalised 1:1 Sessions

Want training which is tailored to your family and dog’s needs at your home or local park then this is the option for you. We can  focus on what is important to you, tailoring the training to your dog’s specific needs. Sessions can be during the day, evenings and weekends. 

This option is especially good for addressing :

  • Attention outdoors around distractions
  • Recall – coming back when called
  • Stealing food or counter surfing
  • Lead walking or staying close off lead
  • Manors with visitors & over excitement
  • Bad habits at home
  • Settling at home or in a cafe
  • Training a rescue dog
  • Anxiety related issues

Scentwork Training

We offer super scentwork training with our experienced 5* scentwork trainer in both group classes in Dorking as well as in 1:1 training at your home or local area.

Scentwork training is suitable for any age or ability and is a great way to add enrichment to your dog’s day. Max 4 in a class. Skills we cover include:

  • Motivation to search 
  • Learning to work to source 
  • Teaching an indication 
  • Imprinting odours 
  • Building confidence searching 
  • Handing skills 
  • Preparing for competitions 
  • Enjoying being part of a class
  • Troubleshooting existing scentwork skills

Dog Training Class for Everyday Life

This 7 week course covers key skills each week building solid foundations and developing the next stage of training as your dog’s own pace.

Maximum of 4 dogs to enable you to get the most out of the classes.

The skills we cover include:

  • Come back when called around distractions
  • Paying attention around dogs and people
  • Wait & Stay with distractions
  • Meet & Greet in more challenging situations
  • Lead Walking with distractions
  • Settle with distractions
  • Settle on bed for when you eat, cook, washing etc.
  • Door manners
  • Leave it
  • Drop & give an object back
  • Developing good choices with
    • Not stealing food
    • Not jumping up

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Unsure what type of training would be best for you? Just drop us a message or give us a call and we will be delighted to advise you.

Telephone Number: 07940979936


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