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Dogs Tips at Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, the decor filled the house, Not Santa's team pawing, but a four-legged louse Seeking Yuletide mischief and hazardous fun, Man's best friend on a holiday quest had begun! Yes my canine friends, this Christmas brings, Wondrous hazards for you to chew. Tinsel and plants, and turkey bones too! Stockings strewn about, begging to be ripped, Or thoroughly gnawed and chewed. The candles beckon to play, With perils of tipping astray! Sweet treats left low they…

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Puppy Socialisation

Socialisation with Puppies Dog Training Tips & Advice   Why socialise our puppies? The goal of socialization is to set puppies up for success as adult dogs. We do this by carefully exposing them to new things, people, dogs and environments in a safe, controlled way that minimizes bad experiences. A well socialised puppy will be a more confident adult and prevent reactivity and fearfulness as an adult.     But what does good socialisation look like? We read and…

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Separation Anxiety in dogs: Living with this condition and the road to recovery

Separation Anxiety Why dogs my dog bark or destroy my home when I go out?     What is Separation Anxiety in dogs? Many dog owners have experienced the stress and heartbreak of separation anxiety in their canine family members. Separation anxiety is simply a fear of being left alone and is no different to any other phobia. A dog with separation anxiety may exhibit distress behaviours such as barking, howling, destruction, self-harming behaviours and urination. These behaviours can be…

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